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Handmade Spiritual Reiki Infused Candles soy wax, essential oil,crystals & herbs

Handmade Spiritual Reiki Infused Candles soy wax, essential oil,crystals & herbs

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Exquisitive handmade candles using essential oils herbs flowers and crystals. Burning time is up to 20 plus hours. Candle is made from soy wax - each one uniquely and individually crafted using the highest quality products and energetically charged.

Divine Balance -- Pearberry scent with white & blue agate Clear quartz that bring soothing balance & calming energy to your environment. Red & Purple Globosa flower petals bring support via immortal love & endless support as we attempt to maintain the balances of 3D/5D and feminine and masculine energies

Divine Masculine -- Teakwood scent with Tigers eye Red agate & Clear quartz that promote Strength, Grounding, Confidence, Courage and Mental clarity. The Albizziae flower adds a sense of well-being, peace & happiness that every Masculine craves

Divine Feminine -- Magnolia scent with Pink quartz Green Adventurine & Clear quartz that combine to bring soothing, healing, comfort & compassion. Rose petals Lily Petals & Lotus Plumules add an awareness of purity, innocence, rebirth, self realization & spiritual awareness. Allow your feminine sensitivity to be immersed in the nurturing essence of the Divine Mother.

Divine Protection -- Sandalwood scent with Amethyst Black Obsidian & Clear quartz that combine for a powerful protection & grounding effect. They offer protections from negativity & assist in transmuting those energies into love. The Calendula flower comforts those who are prone to fear or have endured shocking or traumatic experiences. This candle adds strength to spells enchantments & intentions. Enable yourself to find peace & protection during times of doubt or insecurity. 
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